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Restored, Not Rescued

     In my many years of walking in the adoptive sector, I have listened to a lot of podcasts and read numerous articles about adoption and one theme that is often mentioned as a no-no is the idea that adoptive parents rescue their adopted children. I imagine it is an idea that has surfaced because those outside of the relationship see only half of the process. Many Christians looking in have the perception of themselves being adopted by God and rescued from a life of sin. This concept is then transferred to the adoptive parents acting out their beliefs. The idea of a rescue in the adoptive world is seen as negative because it would give the impression that adoptive parents are the heroes and that the children should be grateful; two philosophies that I think all adoptive parents would agree should not be propagated. However, there is something that occurs in adoption that is not typical in the birth of a child, and there needs to be a way to express the decision that an adopti